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Book Club

Are you looking for wholesome, family-friendly books for your kids to read or to read aloud with them?  Look no further!

Lakeshore Student Ministries is excited to announce a new opportunity for students and their families who enjoy reading or need help finding great books to encourage their students to read. This opportunity is for students currently in 3rd through 8th grades.  


We will select a book each month and will give you the first book for free.  You will receive, via email, some thoughts to consider with your student while reading the book.  We will offer an in-person meeting with students (and parents, if desired) to have a guided discussion, snacks, and a book related craft or game.  If an in-person meeting every 5-6 weeks or so is not possible for your family, you can send in an answer sheet to get credit.  If students keep up with the time line of the program (1 book every 4-6 weeks ), we will then send them the next book for FREE.  Otherwise, you are welcome to check-out the selected books from the library or purchase them yourself, and request the information via email when you are ready.    Students can earn summer camp discounts for participation in the program!

Sign-up now and invite friends to do the same!  The first meeting is at the end of September each year.  We will send out more detailed information when you sign up.  If you have any questions, please call our office at (616) 607-7006.

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