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Children's Bible Ministries, Inc (CBM) is a non-profit, non-denominational ministry that serves children through summer camps, correspondence lessons and Released Time Bible classes.  CBM currently has 13 area ministries across the eastern United States and multiple "projects" and affiliates across the U.S. and in several other countries.  Project Michigan was started by CBM in 2021 to bring Released Time Bible classes to West Michigan.

The purpose of CBM Lakeshore Student Ministries is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to public school children in West Michigan, teach them Christian values and doctrine, build relationships with them and their families, expose them to Christian camping, and connect them to a local church for fellowship and discipleship.

  • We envision a presence in 30 elementary schools in Ottawa County by the year 2028.

  • We envision connecting all Released Time classes with like-minded churches who will provide volunteers, disciple new believers and their families, and promote the ministries of CBM to their community.

  • We envision partnerships with local Christian camps, and offering financial incentives and scholarships to enable every student we serve the opportunity to attend.

  • We envision a reputation in the community that honors our Lord and inspires confidence in those we serve.

  • We envision well-trained volunteers who are committed to our purpose and faithfully serving the students God has entrusted to us.

  • We value children.  Therefore, we will diligently present the gospel of Jesus Christ in a clear, biblical, relevant and compelling way, trusting the Holy Spirit to provide the increase.

  • We value sound doctrine.  Therefore, we will choose our curriculum, teachers and partnering churches and camps wisely, ensuring compatibility with CBM’s doctrinal position.

  • We value our relationship with the schools we serve.  Therefore, we will work with each school's leadership to instill confidence in our ministry while honoring their academic priorities.

  • We value Christian camping.  Therefore, we will partner with and promote local camps and provide financial incentives for students to attend.

  • We value the local church.  Therefore, we will enlist churches to partner with us to provide a connection point between new believers and the body of Christ.

  • We value the safety of children.  Therefore, we will diligently screen all staff and volunteers who work with children and ensure we abide by all applicable laws.

  • We value the role of parents in the lives of students.  Therefore, we will promote and encourage the biblical concept of honoring parents and will create opportunities for parents and guardians to observe and participate in all our events.

  • We value volunteers who give of their time.  Therefore, we will train, equip and encourage them to effectively use the gifts and abilities God has given them.

  • We value our donors who give sacrificially to the ministry.  Therefore, we will provide periodic ministry updates to keep us accountable and to encourage them in their giving.

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Todd  and Carla Witters served for 4 years with CBM of SWPA / Camp Cornerstone.  During their time there, Todd was the Released Time director, Carla was the bookkeeper / office manager, and they both provided leadership for summer camp along with filling many other miscellaneous roles.  In the spring of 2021, doors opened for them to take what they had learned back to their home state of Michigan to begin a new CBM Project.  Todd will serve as the project leader and Carla as the office manager.  Both will also teach Released Time classes and use other opportunities in the community to reach public school children with the gospel.  They will also be recruiting additional staff or volunteers to assist with the teaching and ministry.  There are over 40 schools in the county where they will serve, as well as numerous schools in the county to the north.  Their goal is to partner with area churches who could provide volunteers, classroom space, transportation and funding to establish Released Time classes in as many schools as God gives opportunity.

All CBM staff serve as missionaries, raising their own support, and do not receive any salary from CBM or Lakeshore Student Ministries.  If you would like to donate towards their personal support, please mail a check made out to CBM, with a note included indicating Witters' Support, to:  

PO Box 278

Townsend, TN 37882

OR give online (including the option for a monthly recurring gift) at:






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