CBM Project Michigan is a project of Children's Bible Ministries, Inc.  If you'd like more information about CBM, Inc. please click here.

CBM Project Michigan seeks to bring Released Time Bible classes to public school students along the West Michigan lakeshore; to offer mailbox Bible lessons to these students; and to partner with local Christian camps in the West Michigan area to expose students to camp ministry.

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         Released Time Bible Classes

Released Time classes are off-site Bible classes offered to public school children during the school day.  CBM currently provides Released Time Bible classes to over 18,000 students nationwide.  Over 50% of the students enrolled in these programs do not regularly attend church.  Class participation also provides opportunities to earn coupons towards summer camp.



         Correspondence (Mail-based) Lessons / Kids Club

Kids Club helps children learn more about the Christian faith.  Upon receiving the Bible lessons in the mail, simply read the verses for each day, answer the questions at the end, and return it to us at the end of the month.  We will then send you the next lesson.  As you complete each unit, you will earn coupons towards summer camp!





We believe the Christian camp experience is very valuable in the life of a child and encourage their attendance through camper rewards. We partner with area camps to expose public school children to Christian camping.


         Book Club

Our book club provides wholesome reading opportunities for students 3rd - 8th grade through promotion and discussion of high quality books.  Students read one book per month and have an opportunity to discuss it with a CBM facilitator or with discussion questions supplied to parents. 

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